Spamassassin User Preferences Modification

Spamassassin is a mail filtering system MPD Global employs to help eliminate spam. Please see the Spamassassin section of our FAQ to learn more about the systems MPD Global uses to combat spam.

It is possible to modify your own account’s spamassassin settings to suit your needs.

To do so, please use the account utility to login and then choose “Edit Spamassassin Settings” to modify the file.

There will be additional examples and options in the file, but the most frequently used options will be:

  • required_score # (The lower the number, the more strict the filtering will be. AKA - getting too much spam? Lower the number.)
  • whitelist_from (Have a bunch of addresses that you trust? Add them here, one address per ‘whitelist_from’ line.)
  • blacklist_from (Have someone else who you know is spamming you or you otherwise want to block? Add them here, one address per ‘blacklist_from’ line.)

If you have any questions, or would like to simply disable your Spam Filtering, please let me know.

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