How do I access my website space to create/delete/modify my website?

You may access your site via a protocol a protocol called file transfer protocol (or “FTP” as it is commonly known.)

There are a variety of programs available that support ftp. Many are free, many must be purchased. To this date, MPD Global supports all ftp software (or “clients”) available on the market. To access your account, you’ll want to use your domain name as the “server” to connect to, your login name (again, without the and your password. If required by your ftp client, please enter “21” as the “port” to connect to. Please see example below:

Q. How do I get an “FTP Program?”

A. You can download one from many places on the internet, including

MPD Global recommends “WS_FTP LE” for Windows and “Fetch” for OS X. However, our servers support all known ftp programs, as well as programs that integrate the site creation as well as server uploading. Dreamweaver and Frontpage are 2 such programs that combine both the website creation and interactions with the server in a combined method.

Q. Do you support sftp?

A. At this time, MPD Global does not support sftp protocol to access your website. We will be adding this functionality at a future date.

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