Steps for Hosting with MPD Global

Welcome to hosting with MPD Global!

Before we begin, please remember that you can always get help by contacting us directly either via e-mail or by the contact link.

Setting up a new site involves a few steps, but following this handy guide should make this easy enough to complete.

1. Fill out the new user form from the MPD Global website, making sure to indicate your intended website name, and reviewing the Terms of Service. The billing address and e-mail address will be what we use for our billing and should reflect valid data. (If you move, or have a new e-mail address you’d prefer us to use, please let us know!)

2. Decide on a unique Domain Name for your site. (example: “”) Double check to make sure it is not already taken!

3. Register the unique name of your site at a Registrant site. (Examples include: Network Solutions,,, and

Some things to consider when choosing a Registrant: Although this does NOT happen often, Registrants can go out of business. If you choose a smaller (and probably cheaper) Registrant, you can run the risk of losing your name to someone else should your Registrant go out of business. It is a VERY REMOTE possibility, but consider yourself warned.

4. Register your Domain Name with the Registrant of your choice. You should provide them with the following Name Servers (also called “DNS Names“):

If your Registrant does not support more then 2 Name Servers, then please use the first 2 Name Servers.

Please note that the above step (#4) can take as long as 24 hours to take effect throughout the Internet!

5. Contact MPD Global, and let them know you have completed all steps at this point. Include in this contact what you would like your primary Login and Password to be. (Logins CANNOT be changed, but Passwords can.) If you require any special services, like a database, shell access, extra accounts, etc. then this should also be indicated in the contact. MPD Global may charge additional fees per month for any extra services. (These fees will be negotiated at the time of the request to add these extra services.)

6. Once your account(s) and website(s) have been set up by MPD Global, you will be notified via e-mail of your login and password. Please verify services are working correctly as soon as possible, as everyone makes mistakes!

7. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page for common solutions for our users. If you find something that’s not covered there, please let us know so we can help you out!

8. Don’t forget to send MPD Global your check for services!

Again, welcome to MPD Global!

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