MPD Global Billing Information

Setup Charges

MPD Global charges $25.00 for a setup fee for new Domain Names. Clients may have multiple Domain Names associated with their account, each which will have triggered the setup fee. (The exclusion being at the time of initial setup of a new user - in which case MPD Global may waive the extra charges per domain name.)


MPD Global is a small business that charges on a sliding scale. As we do not charge for “bandwidth” nor do we use “disk quotas”, or any other sort of limiting, we charge based on:

  1. Type of User (Personal Site, Non-Profit, Business, etc.)
  2. Expected Traffic and Server Usage
  3. Special Services (Shell Access, Databases, large volume of e-mail accounts, etc.)

Please contact MPD Global to negotiate your monthly rate with your unique needs.

Billing Cycles

MPD Global charges based on a 3 month period. Invoices are generated and sent via e-mail as a PDF attachment to the e-mail address provided at time of registration with MPD Global. Payment must be received within the time period indicated in Hosting Agreement or late charges may apply.

Your 3 month cycle will start the month you start hosting with MPD Global. Generally speaking, if you start on or after the 20th of the month, your billing will start the beginning of the next month and you will not be charged for the few days prior. MPD Global reserves the right to charge a fraction of the monthly fee in this situation if deemed appropriate by MPD Global.

MPD Global charges UP FRONT for the following months. (IE, “January, February and March” will be sent in the beginning of January, and is due within the time period indicated in Hosting Agreement.) The reason for this billing method is simple: MPD Global is billed for its internet connection in this method!

Methods of Payment

MPD Global currently accepts checks and Credit Card payments via “PayPal” for payment.

Please send and make out check payments to:

MPD Global c/o
KFD Services Inc.
11835 Carmel Mountain Rd.
Suite 1304-277
San Diego, CA 92128

Please contact us for information on using credit cards to pay via PayPal.

Billing Questions

Any questions about your bill should be addressed to “billing{at]”.

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